Want to know what Earth Music Aliens are Currently Listening to?

Designed by a team of four developers, Lightyear.fm simulates radio waves travelling away from Earth and how fast they travel. For example, it shows that any potential aliens 15 light years from Earth and listening to our radio stations would think that the 2000 hit Independent Women (Part One) by Destiny's Child was the current number one.

Aliens 40 light years away would currently be listening to a 'live' broadcast of Elton John's 1975 smash Island Girl.

The website offers stunning visuals as you travel time through space and music. However, the team knows that this would not actually occur and state on their website: "Although Lightyear.fm has radiowaves reaching over 100 light-years into space, due to the Inverse Square Law of Propagation, any terrestrial radio broadcast would become nothing but background noise just a few light years away from Earth. So take comfort in knowing that all those awesome constellations up there will never hear Rebecca Black."

The team have pulled together 120 years of Billboard hits and have given a fairly accurate overview of the universe.

[Via ibtimes]

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