What Life Could be Like for Colonists on Mars in 100 years? [ 360°]


     "Mars 2117 in 360°"

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A virtual reality experience has been unveiled that previews what life could be like for colonists on Mars in 100 years’ time.

Created by the United Arab Emirates government, and first shown to other world leaders earlier this year, the short 360-degree experience has now been posted online for all to see.

The short film shows a full-scale mock-up of an early Martian city, called Wisdom, as well as huge-scale mining and laboratory projects that make up the city in 2117.

The video, which was originally created for the World Government Summit earlier in the year, shows large spider-like robots working on the surface of the planet.

The UAE has already expressed its intention to develop a settlement on the planet, despite its relative inexperience in space exploration – the country is yet to build a rocket.

But as part of research into a future colony, the country is already building a mock settlement in the desert designed to roughly simulate Martian conditions.

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