Amazing Acrobatic, Rope balancing Dog

Nick, his owner says: “I was absolutely blown away by how long he balanced for, I nearly cried, because it touched me so much, I gave him a really big cuddle of screen, I could hardly speak.
But I told the camera what had just happened, he had never balanced for that long before.” “When Ozzy first jumps up on the rope I use my hands, eyes and voice to encourage him to settle and get his balance, this is the tricky bit because he is raring to get on with it, once he has settled and I think he’s ready I ask him to stand up by nodding my head a little backwards and saying upstanding.” “The more gentle I can make my encouragement the more incredible Ozzy gets, so Ozzy is teaching me to be very subtle and gentle, he prefers eye movements and little finger movements as opposed to my voice.”

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