Bird is Eaten by a Giant Fish

In the first episode of the much-anticipated new series Blue Planet II, a bird-eating fish leaps out of sea to catch a fledgling flying over the ocean.

In the trailer for Sunday’s opening episode, Attenborough said overtime fledglings have learnt to avoid dangerous waters, which has forced the predatory fish to have to “up their game”.

“There is a fish here that amazingly has a brain capable of calculating the air speed, altitude and trajectory of a bird,” Attenborough narrates over footage of a giant trevaillie leap from the sea in an attempt to catch its prey.

The series follows 2001’s hugely successful documentary Blue Planet, with the latest series the result of more than four years of filming.

In the series, Attenborough praised new filming technology helping capture better shots.

Instead of helicopters, light drones with high-definition cameras were used for aerial shots, while advanced apparatuses allowed cameramen to sit silently and watch with no bubbles or disturbance.
Despite not yet airing, there is a lot of hype for the show.

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