Dog is playing drums – Metallica Enter Sandman

Some people enjoy anthropomorphizing their pets, but this borderline excessive case takes the doggie biscuit. The setup is easy enough to describe, although the execution must have taken a great deal of time to perfect. One loyal pug cooperated with his overeager owner to pull off a canine version of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

Sunglasses and a full-on outfit helped draw attention away from his human’s barely visible paws. A huge tongue lolling out adds to the performance, and this dog had better receive some nice treats for his trouble. Any dog who will cooperate with such human shenanigans should move up the ladder. One can imagine a world where humans exploit their animals for YouTube fame, but we’re already living the dream.

In the end, Lars Ulrich may wanna look around for a new gig. Metallica is in need of a shakeup to keep things fresh, and this pup could do the trick. This dog is not alone, however, for “dogs playing drums” is an internet thing now. In the below video, a golden retriever mix kept things understated while keeping the Arctic Monkeys beat alongside his owner. Actually, buddy did a pretty good Meg White impression there. Better call Jack White. The dude is always looking to form a new band.

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