Don’t Look Down Full Documentary (HD)

For most holidaymakers, there’s enough fear of heights to be had from the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building.
Clearly these are not living on the edge enough for James Kingston – who dangled a ‘free climber’ off the side of a 377ft-high bridge in the Ukraine holding only his wrist.
The thrillseeker known only as Mustang Wanted is the leader of an urban free climbing craze in Eastern Europe, which sees young people tackling ever-larger monuments with no harnesses.

James, 23, lives with his mother near Southampton and spends his spare time scaling cranes and radio towers.
A new documentary shows him teaming up with the thrillseeker, donning camera helmets and crawling fast up the side of the bridge, which carries several lanes of traffic over the Dnieper River in the Ukranian capital Kiev.

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