Elevator poop prank

Some pranks are so bloody hilarious that you want to pull the hair off of your head and roll on the floor laughing and tossing yourself like a mad man. Creating epic pranks logically and then being able to execute them in the best way possible is the perfect deal you can get yourself. Many pranksters and video producers know how difficult it is to surpass a prank and not get caught in an unwanted incident.

The Brazilian Boom star brought a pretty nasty and disgusting prank that takes place inside an elevator and this is a place where you definitely cannot get out from. The prank is simply disgusting because it involves the filth of a poop and that too with some diarrhea. The guy gets in the elevator and the people inside sense that he is desperate about something and needs to go home along with that the usual smell he gives away was filthy but what occurred next with a blast made them want to puke all over him and just die inside the elevator. The second guy couldn’t have been less entertaining than he already was because he was the one that got affected the most.

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