Falcon Belly Dance

Kestrels are the smallest falcon species in North America, and one of the smallest in the entire world.

Many bird species readily display their natural ability to stabilize their heads, but the kestrel seems to do it most frequently. Complex neck movements let them keep their eyes completely focussed on what they are looking at when perched on a branch or wire that is swaying in the breeze! Cool facts about Kestrels:

– Kestrels can see into the ultraviolet light spectrum, enabling them to see the urine trail of their prey.

– Kestrels sometimes kill multiple prey items at a time to hide and save for later.

– Kestrels have two black spots on the back of their head that look like eyes. Their predators think they have lost the element of surprise.

– Kestrels are found all throughout North America

– Kestrels main diet is mice, grasshoppers, voles, and dragonflies, but they will sometimes kill larger prey like sparrows and starlings!

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