Guy Lip-Syncs Throughout A 7-Hour Road Trip, And His Sister Is Not At All Amused

Andy McDonald
Huffington Post

Road trips are the ultimate test of a relationship. Whether you’re friends, significant others, or in this case, brother and sister, all is revealed.

Brian Anderson and his sister took a 7-hour road trip together, and she wasn’t at all impressed by the diverse vocal stylings of her dear brother. His song choices ranged from Spice Girls and Savage Garden to Enya and Blink 182. All of them performed very enthusiastically.

Anderson, a 911 dispatcher for the San Diego Fire Department, told The Huffington Post that he sang/lip-synced for a good four hours during the trip and that his sister’s reactions are completely authentic.

Be careful, Brian. She’s your sister and that means forever. That’s a long time to plan her revenge.

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