Japan is Building a Giant Gundam Robot that Can Walk

The Gundam franchise was originally supposed to have a much bigger 2020 prior to the coronavirus pandemic and putting a monkey wrench into the plans of many anime series around the world, but it seems as if the building of the “Walking Statue” is continuing forward with brand new images of the life sized statue being revealed online. While the “G Satellite”, the Gundam satellite that was supposed to be a part of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, extravaganza has been postponed along with the sporting event itself, we’re crossing our fingers that the unveiling of this completed statue will still arrive this year.

Mobile Suit Gundam statues have been created numerous times in Japan, with the country loving the franchise and showing their admiration of the mech suits by building a handful of statues and placing them into various neighborhoods. Not only is this upcoming statue one of the biggest that has ever been created, it will seemingly have the ability to move much like its anime counterpart, though we certainly don’t see it flying or wielding a giant space cannon any time soon. With decades of history to the franchise’s name, we imagine that there will be more statues of mechs from the series arriving in Japan, walking and otherwise.

Twitter User Yoshi115T shared these impressive photos of the headless Gundam statue, showing that there has been some serious development when it comes to putting together this walking mech that is looking to take its first strides in the country of Japan

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