Jimi Hendrix Played On An Ancient Korean Instrument

It’s been said music transcends barriers but in this case it amalgamates the ancient with the modern. The beautiful and delicate sounds of the gayageum, a Korean musical instrument dating back to the 6th century, is playing to a new tune.

Musician Luna Lee pays homage to the late Jimi Hendrix with a rendition of “Voodoo Chile” using this traditional string instrument. It might not sound like a good idea to mix a genre with such a classical piece but here, it’s pure magic. Lee has become popular for her YouTube videos playing cover songs with the gayageum.

The artist has revamped her instrument so that it can play along drums, guitar, and bass by increasing its volume capability. “Playing modern music on a traditional instrument was not an easy process. I have come a long way from the beginning but still have a long way to go,” explains Lee. Whoever thought rock n’roll can sound so meditating.

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