Man Films Chilling Escape From California Wildfire

On Sunday, a YouTube user uploaded a terrifying two-minute video showing his hair-raising escape from Northern California’s Valley fire, a blaze one sheriff called “the worst tragedy Lake County has ever seen.”

In the video’s comment section, the unidentified uploader admitted “we did wait way too long to get out” but said there was no smoke or ash coming toward their home at the time “so we honestly didn’t know how close it was.” From KTLA:

He said there were no firefighters in the area at the time and speculated that was because fire agencies did not have enough resources to deploy there.

“In retrospect, we should have gone out for a drive to find out what was going on, but we were a little preoccupied with packing,” the resident added.

According to state officials, the 62,000-acre wildfire has already killed one person, injured four others and destroyed 400 homes.

As of Monday night, the Valley fire was reportedly only 10% contained.

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