Man In India May Be First Known Human Killed By A Meteorite

Meteorites have been known to result in damage and injuries, but one may have resulted in the death of a human, the first known instance of such an occurrence. Meteorites, fallen pieces of comets and asteroids that enter Earth’s atmosphere and make ground impact, have been known to result in damage and injuries, but not human deaths. That may no longer be the case. According to authorities in Tamil Nadu, India, V. Kamarj, a 40-year-old man working as a bus driver at Bharathidasan Engineering College, died when an object from space struck the campus grounds. The incident occurred on Saturday at roughly 12:30 pm. Testing is being conducted to determine if the mass was, in fact, a meteorite or a different sort of plummeting rogue item such as space junk. Regardless of the nature of the speeding mass, it left an impact crater measuring several feet deep and caused injuries to at least 3 others in the immediate area.

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