MIT Students Invented a Robotic Kitchen that Could Revolutionize Fast Food

First, you order a meal using a smartphone app or the touch screen next to the machine. The bot currently features five meals: shrimp andouille jambalaya, chicken-bacon sweet-potato hash, winter-veggie mac and cheese, chili-lime beef with sesame rice, and chickpea-coconut curry on couscous. Two meals can be made at once.

You can customize the ingredients, sauce, and quantity. Then, you grab a bowl from the side and place it under one of the cooking pots.

Ingredients, stocked by the Spyce staff daily, are automatically measured and dispensed on a conveyor belt. They’re then transported to one of four automated pots that mix and cook the ingredients all in one.

Once that’s done, the system dispenses the meal on a plate, and the pot rotates to the sink and cleans itself. The kitchen uses an array of sensors that track the food’s temperature and quality.

The team believes that the Spyce Kitchen could revolutionize the fast-food industry, since it doesn’t rely on any human workers and produces nutritious meals at low prices. It can serve all types of bowls, like stir fry, rice, pasta, pad thai, quinoa, and curry.

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