NASA Releases Footage of the Sun in Ultra-HD (4K)

Even though it’s massive, bright, and above us every day, it’s not that easy to get a clear look at the Sun. For a view that won’t toast your retinas, NASA has released a new video titled “Thermonuclear Art,” which shows the Sun in stunning 4K HD.

The footage was created from images captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which has been monitoring the Sun from space since 2010. Every 12 seconds, the SDO images the Sun in 10 wavelengths of invisible ultraviolet light. Each is assigned a unique color and used to highlight a different temperature of solar material. The images are presented in ultra-HD, which is eight times the resolution of normal HD video. One minute of the footage above is the result of about 10 hours of work from a team of media specialists. The result is a mesmerizing view of the Sun’s thermonuclear power—no sunglasses required.

Watch full video below:

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