Personal paradise is attainable, and it’s easier than you might think! A lush, colorful garden is only the start – a water feature would really take it up a notch. Who wouldn’t want to retreat to their yard every day if they had a nice fountain or pond to relax next to?Water features can get complicated awfully quickly, however, and mistakes with drainage can be costly, not to mention the headaches. But here’s a simpler way to build your own water feature that’s quick and inexpensive, and gives new life to old rubbish.


Old tires of different sizes work best for this project.

Dig holes for the tires, line them with sand, and level them off.

Place each tire in the corresponding hole and make sure it sits level.

Using a power saw, cut the facing rim off the tire.

Clean the edge so there are no sharp, pointy bits.

Use old pool liner to line the tires and trim it down.

Decorate the edges with gravel, rocks, and stones.

Fill the tire ponds with water and arrange some plants around them.

Put your feet up and relax next to your garden’s new water feature.

It will need a pump and/or some chemicals to circulate the water and prevent mosquitoes and algae from moving in, but a few old tires make an excellent starting point for a backyard oasis.