The World’s Largest Miniature Train Set

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt district is home to the world’s largest model railway and a unique model world in its richness of details and precision.

It was rated Germany’s most popular tourist attraction in a vote hosted by the German National Tourism Board and is located at the Elbe in a historic warehouse, close to Elbphilharmonie.

The official video is only showing parts of a model world you have to see with your own eyes. On a huge area of more than 1,499 m² (16,145 sq.ft.) and in nine different sections, there are more than 1,000 trains and 250 automatically controlled cars moving. More than 40 aircraft take off and land about 250 times a day at Knuffingen Airport, the world’s largest model airport. In Scandinavia, in a basin with 30,000 liters of real water, ships are covering their routes.

An outstanding model building masterpiece and an amazing experience for all ages that no words or films can properly describe.

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