There’s going to be a Rotating Skyscraper in Dubai by 2020

An 80-storey ‘Dynamic Tower’ will be standing in Dubai by 2020 is everything goes to plan, architectural firm Dynamic Group has told us. When built it will be the world’s first skyscraper consisting of separate rotating floors attached to a central column, and inside there will be luxury apartments (natch).

If you’re wondering what a rotating skyscraper actually is, it’s very much as the name suggests. Residents will be able to control the rotation speed and direction of their apartment through voice activation. Fancy catching a bit of afternoon sun? “Turn left 90 degrees.” Want to mess around with the window cleaner? “Rotate right, max speed.”

Proposed back in 2008 by architect David Fisher, the tower aims to be 420m tall, which would make it the second tallest building in Dubai, as well as the second tallest residential tower in the world behind New York’s 432 Park Avenue (which stands at 425.5m).

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