This Invention Can Save Thousands Of Lives

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Patent UA52936U, author and applicant Tatarenko V.N.

According to IKAO, over the past 10 years there are 8% of all accidents happen during takeoff, landing — 21%, flight — 71%.

Safety analysis of flight shows us, that just 15% of accidents happen because of omission of aerotechnics, other – human factor.

Study of the state of accident rate of planes suggests about systemic crisis in security of passengers.

The capsule (container) is fixed on fuselage by releasable attachments, which can be automatically controlled opened. All the kinematic, electric, pipeline and other connections in the places of their separation are self-releasable, for example, via automatic coupling, electronic releases, slide and other valves.

Due to capsule the noise level in the passenger cabin is low.

Descent of capsule is provided on account of aerodynamic interaction of parachutes with free airflow under the impact of the mass of object.

Full autonomy of capsule and ability during split second to extract parachute systems, beginning an active self-slowdown, allow to save passengers even during taking-off and landing on the low altitude.

Plain provides a fast retooling in linear exploitation in cargo version.

Plane’s rising in price from capsule and parachute system will not exceed a few percents of cost price of base analogue and will be compensated by its market price on account of competitive advantages — 100% of passenger salvation.

The weight of plane will correspond to the base variant on account of manufacture of capsule, fuselage, and wings from carbon fiber and modern high-strength metals, and also reduced amount of seats.

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