Watch This Guy Jump Between Rooftops in the Canary Islands on a Bike

Danny MacAskill is a twenty-nine year old Scottish cyclist, and more of a badass than all of us, because while you and I have spent the last few days watching The Man in the High Castle and Golden State Warriors’ games, he decided he should spend his time riding his bicycle in the Canary Islands. Which wouldn’t be dangerous if he were riding on the streets.

But streets don’t do it for MacAskill. Nope, he prefers riding, jumping, and flipping between a series of rooftops in Gran Canaria. The results will trigger an intense fear of heights and/or a desire to pump your fist in the air and say “fuck yeah.”

It’s like if someone did parkour but then decided, “Hey, you know what? That seems too easy. I’m going to do it with a small piece of metal and two wheels between my legs.” Is it terrifying? You bet your ass it is.

If you see Danny MacAskill around, buy him a drink. He either more than deserves one, or just desperately needs one.

[Via GQ]

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