A Scannable QR Code Appears in the Sky Above Shanghai

Hundreds of drones took flight in Shanghai on Saturday to perform a light display, resulting in the machines forming a huge QR code over the city’s waterfront

Bilibili, a Chinese video-streaming company, hosted the event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the release of the mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive is a well-known Japanese role-playing game. The game was first released three years ago in Japan.

The Princess Connect was created by an armada of 1,500 drones flying over the Bund, a waterfront area, using lights to form the Princess Connect!

In China, QR codes are a common tool. Millions of people use them to add friends on social media apps and pay for purchases. Local governments even allocated QR codes to people in order to monitor COVID-19 transmission, forcing residents to show their code before accessing public places.