DIY Cat Tent

Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Watch this video to learn how to build a cozy tent for your feline friend!

You’ll need:

– A 15 inch by 15 inch piece of card board
– 1 medium T-shirt
– 2 wire coat hangers
– Tape
– A bunch of safety pins
– 1 pair of pliers

What to do:

– Start by cutting the hooks off of the hangers.
– Push one end of a hanger into the corner of your cardboard so that about 1 inch pokes through the other side.
– With your pliers, bend the end of the hanger at a 90 degree angle.
And secure it to the cardboard with a piece of tape.
– Take the other end of the wire and push that through the opposite corner of the cardboard.
– Bend the end and secure it in place with tape as well.
– Repeat this on the other corners with the 2nd wire.

– With a small piece of tape, secure the point where the wires intersect.
– Take your shirt and put your tent frame inside it.
– Using the safety pins, secure the bottom of the shirt and its sleeves to the bottom of the tent.
– Throw in a nice soft bedding and your cat is ready for camping in the family room!

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