How Deep Down Is the Earth’s Core?

How many layers does the Earth have? Have you ever wondered what lies beneath Earth’s crust? Well, our planet is like an onion – with loads of different layers. The Earth’s crust is like a hard-boiled egg’s shell – thin and tough. It takes up less than 1% of the planet’s size. At a depth of 3,300 ft, the pressure reaches 330 atmospheres. That’s like four elephants piled up on your head or two pandas balanced on your thumbnail.

About 6,500 ft below the surface, you still can meet some living creatures! Those are springtails – teeny eyeless insects that live in super-deep Krubera Cave. The deepest multicellular animal people know about lives at a depth of 11,800 ft in the TauTona mine in South Africa. This may sound strange, but a lot of interesting things happen underground. For example, 510 ft underground, you find the world’s deepest hotel, and in 2020, the world’s deepest concert took place at a depth of 6,200 ft!

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