Poodle Climbs a Flight of Stairs on Two Legs

is the moment a Chinese poodle uses his noodle to smash the Guinness World Record for dogs running up stairs on their hind legs.
7-year-old Arsenal blitzes the 20 step challenge set up on China Central Television in an impressive 7.47 seconds.
In a hilarious super slow-motion video the dog, bizarrely dressed in a dinner jacket with a red bowtie, more than doubles the previous record.

Using his noodle: 7-year-old Arsenal blitzes the 20 step challenge in an impressive 7.47 seconds
On a special variety show on Chinese TV the well-trained poodle is seen in a huge studio in front of large audience.
The onlookers cheer as grey-haired Arsenal leaps straight into the challenge with remarkable enthusiasm.
In comical footage, which has gone viral, the poodle speeds up the steps on his hind legs in impressive fashion.

The event was held earlier in January, but the show was only aired during last week’s Chinese New Year celebrations.
China’s vocal online community have praised the talented poodle, but many viewers said the dog’s training would have involved suffering and that walking on his hind legs could be bad for Arsenal’s back.

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