This Woman Wore Only Body Paint to the Mall

You’re already planning your Thanksgiving weekend outfits, and yeah, they’re going to be leggings-centric. But if you really overdo it on the pumpkin pie and can’t even get your leggings on come Black Friday you can always attempt what one model did recently: just paint your clothes on your bare bod and head to the mall.

Body painting, an art no longer confined to the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, has blown up as artists take their talents to Instagram. One such artist? Jen the Body Painter, who has recently posted a series of photos depicting models wearing jeans literally painted-on, on-trend “tops” and, well, not a whole lot else aside from thongs and pasties.

But just because you’re fooled in a photo doesn’t mean that it would be as easy to pull the look off in person. So Jen went with her model, Maria Lucotti, to a local mall and found out that her designs were as convincing as she’d hope, with a minimum of double-takes directed at her barely-dressed but body-painted pal. (Though once she’s revealed, so to speak, she gets a ton of laughs – and a dance party in a Victoria’s Secret.)

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