What Are Cucamelons?


Is it a watermelon, or is it a cucumber? Actually it’s both.

While most Americans have never heard of cucamelons, this fruit is definitely one you’ll want to know a lot more about. Also referred to as “Mexican sour gherkin,” or its most common name in Spanish, “sandiita” (little watermelon). It actually has a slew of other monikers in local dialects and Native American languages, most of which translate to “mouse melon.”

This cute fruit is the size of a grape, looks like mini-watermelon and taste like cucumbers and lime. The sour fruit grows on a thin vine and is surrounded by ivy-like leaves. While they’re a bit bizarre looking, cucamelons aren’t some strange genetically-modified hybrid, but a delicacy from Central America that’s been eaten since pre-Columbian times and are a staple in Mexican diets.

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